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Orwell Residency, Colombo 03

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The Guild’s most recent project, ‘Shoaib Residence’ synthesizes the very contemporary with an equally subtle touch of the antique, creating a compelling atmosphere with soft lights, elaborate designs, and carefully selected home accessories and colours. The handcrafted wooden furniture exhibiting a washed effect, in combination with buoyant pastel shades add to the delightful interiors of the living space. The master bedroom, completed with a walk-in-closet, is adorned with an intricate wall carving, designed in accordance to the client’s aesthetic requirements. The Guild designed and crafted every piece of furniture, carefully selecting the fabrics and colours, to create a home of hand-crafted bliss.

What the client said:

During August 2017, we started finalising ideas of what our ideal home should look, feel and hold.

After staking Colombo and peripheries, looking for a company that could understand our vision we were left with no serious contenders. We then remembered, The Guild, the only company which resonated with us when showcased at a Home Exhibition (held at BMICH earlier that year). We assumed it would be out of our budget and had reservations about it being in business for five years. However, after our first group meeting with the team at The Guild, we realised that our vision would be allowed to flourish, pricing would match the quality and creative solutions provided to achieve the end result and lastly clarity about their long term intentions.

Quotes were always clear, a final one was agreed mid October 2017, and our final piece was delivered end January 18.

Understand that going with The Guild could fit any working mode you have in mind. Hands on or Hands off but be certain that you will be given quality advice, and always be considered an important client. They understand that design changes may occur during the process and they are always willing to listen and try their best to accommodate it.

To the entire team at The Guild, we are glad we made our first home furnishing experience with you.

Shoaib Bhaila

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