Geometric Splendour

Orwell Residency, Colombo 03

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The Kamraans' apartment as imagined by the Guild introduces antiquity into a modern living space. Custom-made tables with metal bases and granite tops, inspired by a recurring geometric theme, impart a lustrous sheen to its sublime interiors. A medley of richly textured upholstery, furniture with white-washed accents, and a luxuriant selection of fabrics and curtains melt into a neutral symphony of colours, presenting an unmistakable simplicity. The elegant designs for each article, colors and fabric were picked by the client in collaboration with the architect, Kamilka Perera and The Guild, to complement its atmosphere of comfort, security, and sense of belonging.

What the client said:

We shopped around a lot to figure out who would be best suited to helping the vision we had for our home come to a reality. For our 3-room apartment, we are glad we went with The Guild for a number of reasons.

It was the only place where the owners (management) actually sat down with us and discussed our vision. They really give you the feeling that they are as passionate as you are about your project, no matter how big or small it is. We instantly felt very comfortable. It was not just about ordering pieces of furniture. There is a process that is followed from having initial discussions, tweaking things, agreeing final plans with 2D drawings and then the order going ahead.

The entire team of The Guild participate in the process to the point of delivery and beyond. They offer plenty of advice and recommendations when you are having trouble making certain decisions.

In terms of the final products delivered, they were of exceptional quality, despite the challenging nature of the furniture designs we had. The Guild have expert craftsmen running their operation, almost like a boutique but at competitive prices. All of our requests were more or less accommodated and we were in communication with each other continuously. The Guild proved time and again that our satisfaction was paramount to them and they left no stone unturned in order to achieve this.

We are ultimately very happy with our experience. The Guild are extremely flexible, they are consistently available for discussion and queries and they see the project through to completion with an excellent end product.

Kamraan Bhaila

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